DSN Cottages

To create an e-commerce website for the client to accept payments for a holiday home without using a third party service. The site includes a home page with the details of the property, a booking page for customers to stay at the property and an admin dashboard for the client to manage all their payments, content and bookings. Payments are taken securely through Stripe and that is integrated into the booking system.

Major Challenge and solution

The major challenge faced was to create a site that is going to be more effective than using a third party property service, a lot of these companies take a percentage of the earnings in return for giving good publicity being in a centralised and advertised site.

Making the site publicly available was achieved using google console and google analytics. Analysing customer behaviour flow post launch and performing search engine optimisation ensured the clients site is as high as possible for any user looking to book a holiday in the property location.

Focussing around affordability to improve profit margins, all technologies that were used kept this in mind, this included hosting the site on Netlify for free and building the entire back-end services in a serverless architecture with Netlify functions following the micro service clean architecture pattern. This ensured the client now has a e-commerce property management system that is secure, scalable and completely free, allowing them to upgrade easily once they scale.