East Lancs Past Captains

To Create a WordPress theme on a data heavy membership site including the full project life cycle, from planning to maintenance.

The project had two main requirements, redesign and automate:

A complete redesign of the site was created, this time with the audience in mind, the majority of the users being in retirement, the site had to be rebuilt with accessibility as a priority. A simple to use, straight forward, minimal click design was used to allow a user to easily navigate to where is needed without any trouble.

The site had a huge amount of manual tasks, scheduling events, creating forms, handling forms, sending emails, creating playing cards, and more. This was too much to maintain so the goal was to automate as much as possible whilst keeping the amount of control necessary. Now an administrator creates a post with some configuration options and every other task is automated. This will schedule an event of one of four types. Each type has its own automated form submission, database update, email confirmation, support email and more.

This 400+ members site went from a tedious manual iteration of 5-10 tasks for any administrator, to 1 post to get the same results with the rest of the tasks working off configuration options that are available through the authenticated user interface.